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November 13, 2009

Are You Looking for Pimp Your Beauty?

If you are looking for Pimp Your Beauty, it has merged into The BrownFace BEE.  Come and see what's buzzing over there!


September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009

June 16, 2009

June 2009 - All About the Natural

Tennille Stoute


I first noticed this model before I went natural and couldn't help admire her hair and how beautiful she was rocking her short, natural do!  She had a spread in Essence and I couldn't stop staring at her.  Looking at this video makes me want to cut my hair all over again.  I will be doing it again in the future, just not sure when.  Find out more about the Bajan beauty in this video.






The Coil Review Re-Launch

Check out the relaunch video of the Coil Review.  The Coil Review is an online magazine all about natural hair information, styles and beauty.  This has got to be one of the most creative videos promoting natural hair in a long time.




Why I Went Natural - Atlanta 2009

It was truly inspirational being around so many beautiful napptural sisters and brothers at the Atlanta World Natural Hair, Health and Beauty show.  Being natural is a beautiful and freeing experience, but it is also a journey and sometimes can get discouraging.  Are you natural or thinking of going natural?  Check out my last video from the show.  I can honestly say this is one of the best videos I've done.  If you haven't already, please subscribe to BrownFace TV!!


Komaza Care

I've been wanting to try products from the Komaza Hair Care Line since last year, but everytime I went to order something always came up.  As soon as I received my tax money this year, I was on to ordering. I must say that other than Victoria's Secret, they have the fastest shipping time ever!  I ordered on a Monday and received my products two days later.  Here is a little info about the line:

"Komaza Care products are designed to provide excellent protection and optimum health for African American hair. Our products are made with natural ingredients. We do not use harsh chemicals, mineral oil or petroleum which cause split ends, clogged hair follicles and slow hair growth. Komaza products are beneficial to ethnic hair by supplying the essentials known to increase hair growth, improve hair texture, and provide a healthy scalp and balance moisture, all necessary for beautiful hair. Great for all types of African American hair colored, relaxed and of course natural."

I received my samples a few months ago which gave me ample time to review.  I have a video review all ready to go, but have not been able to upload as yet, but here are my thoughts on the products that I've tried.  I'll start with my least favorites...


Olive Moisture Mask

Intense Moisture Therapy

This is a deep penetrating moisture conditioner, that has a great scent.  When I first used it as an after shampoo treatment, I really did not feel any difference in my hair.  I tried it again as a pre-poo conditioner and was more pleased.  My hair felt very soft.  For me, this conditioner serves best as a co-wash conditioner.  My hair is super dry and needs a bit more oomph.  For curlies and kinkies with a looser texture, this may be perfect for you.


Coconut Curl Lotion

Lemongrass Hemp Balm

This product helps to define your natural curl.  Since I don't have a pronounced curl pattern, this did not work that well for me.  Again, I think this will work better on those with a looser curl pattern.  I will try this product again, to test it's moisture retention.


Shea Butter Hair Lotion

Shea Butter Hair Lotion

I LOVED this product!!  I am always looking for healthier alternatives to mainstream products and I needed a natural heat protectant.  This left my hair so silky and smooth after blow drying.  


Herbal Tea Rinse

Lemongrass Hemp Balm

When I first went natural, I tried mixing up my own concoctions because I saw other naturals doing it and they had great results.  Me, I wasn't so lucky.  I am not a mixtress, so I opt to buy.  This is a great cleanser for your scalp.  It has Apple Cider Vinegar (please look up all the health benefits of ACV, I also have a post on it) in it and great herbs to aid with hair growth (nettles, horsetail, rosemary, peppermint and sulfur, which my hair adores). My scalp never felt better.  I would advise to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.  This product will be added to my regular rotation.


Protein Hair Strengthener

Protein Hair Strengthener

Are you looking for a more natural protein version of Aphogee or Dudley's DRC??  You will find it in this product!  You use this under a warm dryer sans plastic cap (your hair will get uber hard, so please refrain from manipulating strands), rinse and follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.  My hair did not feel as dry as I thought it would, as with most protein conditioners and there was little shedding after rinsing out. This is another product going in rotation with my regular routine. 

All in all, I was very impressed with this line and I would highly recommend it.  I can't wait to try some more products in the future.  Stay tuned to BrownFace TV for the video review. Get your samples today at Komazacare.com.


My Natural Hair Idols

Tracee Ellis Ross is not only my hair idol, but my fashion and body idol, as well.  And yes, I know that our textures are very different, but once I get some more length, it's nothing a blow out with some huge rollers can't imitate..lol



Lauryn Hill where art THOU??  What an amazing talent.  Not sure what is going on, but we are pulling for your comeback. Your album and hair will continue to inspire us, until you return.



You did it your way, hon, whatever is clever...




More Natural Inspiration

Pics by Moi!



April 24, 2009

April 2009

Harlem Heights:  Meet Brooke

Harlem Heights is a new docu-drama on BET.  It follows the lives of young, up and coming, African-Americans who live in (where else) Harlem.  I had a lot of hope for the show, but it all seems so contrived and a little dry? The show seems like something that should be on PAT (public access tv). is it just me? The only reason I'm still watching is for the SERIOUS fashion!!  If I had to pick a favorite on the show, it would be Brooke (I'm feeling Ashlee, as well, but more for personality).  Brooke reminds me of myself in my 20's.  She's FABULOUS, pretty and eventhough seems to have it all together, really seems lost out of all the cast members.  Me in a nutshell.  I was really looking for pics of her hair, when I ran across this clip.  Her haircut is awesome.  It reminds me of Spring.  I even like the blonde tail, at the back.  

BET, do you need me to come and work for you?  Let me upgrade, upgrade, ya.

Dreams Do Come True

I knew that I wanted to do press for the Atlanta World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show since I first heard about it last year. I was unable to attend in 2008 because we found out about it too late and we were in the process of buying our current home.  This year, I was determined to go, but was not sure how I would get there due to unemployment.  I knew I would make it, but didn't think I would make it (if that makes any sense?).  I prayed for God to make a way and one morning, like the week before the event, God told me to go to the computer and check.  I found a very inexpensive flight and car rental.  We were supposed to stay with friends to alleviate some of the costs, but y'all know the enemy is always busy trying to deter you from your dreams.  We happened to stumble upon a great deal on a hotel, that was easily accessible to everything in Atlanta.  Needless to say, God helped me bring another dream to life, which is bringing me closer to my future goals.  Check out BrownFace TV at the show.  

Are you tuned in??  Subscribe now, to BrownFace TV!

Episode 1


Episode 2





Two-time Oscar-nominated film director Spike Sheldon Jackson Lee has been confirmed as the featured speaker at the 2009Black Enterprise Small Business Awards Luncheon hosted by Ariel Investments on Monday, May 18. The luncheon is an annual high point of the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo hosted by General Motors & ExxonMobil. This year's conference will take place May 17-19, 2009 at the Detroit Marriott atRenaissance Center, in Detroit, MI.

Long considered one of America's most influential filmmakers, Spike Lee is also a celebrated entrepreneur who has produced more than 35 films through his independent production company, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks. His acclaimed work includes She's Gotta Have ItDo the Right ThingJungle FeverHe Got Game,Malcolm X25th HourThe Original Kings of ComedySummer of Sam, Get on The Bus, When the Levees Broke, and Miracle at St. Anna. In our exclusive one-on-one forum, Lee will share his business philosophy, life lessons, and give motivational guidance to aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike.

The 2009 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo hosted by General Motors & ExxonMobil features three days of business, motivational, and leadership seminars designed to empower and profit emerging and established minority businesses. The conference consistently attracts up to 1,100 of the nation's most prominent business power players and leaders. Additional sessions include Securing Capital in a Tight Credit Market, What It Takes to Land the Big Contract, New Opportunities in Emerging Businesses, and the BE Small Business Success(TM) Boot Camp.

Registration is available online at www.blackenterprise.com/beec or by phone at 800-209-7229. The $295 registration fee includes an event bag; continental breakfast and lunch (Monday and Tuesday); and admission to sessions, workshops, networking receptions, the Small Business Awards Luncheon, the BE100s Awards Gala, the Town Hall session, and the expo hall.

The 2009 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference + Expo is hosted by General Motors & ExxonMobil. Presenting sponsors include OPEN from American Express, Ariel Investments, EMC2, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Sam's Club, and Wal-Mart. Platinum sponsors are IBM and Wendy's International. Corporate partners include Cisco, Detroit Convention & Visitors Bureau, Google, Kodak, UnitedHealthcare, and YUM! Brands.

Taken from Blacknews.com


Product Spotlight - Taliah Waajid's Enhancing Herbal Conditioner


Click to enlarge


My hair is kinky, that is no surprise.  But sometimes it is very hard to find that perfect conditioner that works well with these beautiful napps.  After returning from the hair show two weeks ago, I decided to try one of the products my husband purchased at the show.  The Taliah Waajid booth was having a 3 for 10 special just for the show and we got 6 full sized containers for only $20 (some of my products in my bathroom alone cost that much). Something told me to throw in her herbal conditioner.  I used it in the shower to lightly condition and detangle my hair.  This product has AMAZING slip.  Because I have switched over to using more natural ingredients in my hair and skin products, slip is hard to find when you are not using all of the mainstream products with their unpronounceable ingredients.  Can I tell you, detangling was a BREEZE!!  I was complaining of shedding for awhile now and I had minimal when I added this conditioner to my regimen.  If you want to check out more of my review, visit my Taliah Waajid Product Review on BrownFace TV and I also introduce a special guest :-)





Question of the Month

Why the heck is Heidi Klum so fertile??? Or maybe it's Seal...lol She is pregnant with baby number four?!!  I need to ingest whatever it is she is eating ASAP!  I wish them the best and can't wait till I start my own family.


Spring and Summer Make-up Trends

1. Bright lips are back.  You can officially dust off your red lipstick from way back.  You might want to upgrade to all the delicious colors that are now carried by multiple brands.  If you're too afraid to try red, opt for a bold pink like Show Orchid by MAC.

2. Don't be scared of blush. Contrary to popular belief ethnic women can wear blush and it looks stunning on us.  To start out, try a peachy shade which is perfect for a natural and spring time look.

3. Hair accessories. These are always in for me, so maybe I shouldn't cite this as a trend.  The bigger the better to me.

4. Huge earrings.  Unless you're going to work or an interview, put the studs away!

5. Pastel colors on the eyes.  You can pair this with your bold lip for a fun daytime look.  Purples look great on everyone, you just have to find the right shade for you.  For more tamed eye color looks, try brands like Clinique.  For the bold and beautiful, I would pick up #92 from Make-up Forever.

6. Dark rimmed eyes.  I must admit, I'm so scared of putting eyeliner on my waterline, but I will attempt once or twice for that dramatic sexy look.


Trend Alert - Jumpsuits are IN!

I already forecasted this one (check back to the June-July 2008 issue of The BEE).  I have three waiting to be worn and all for under $15!  Jumpsuits are so easy and all you have to do is coordinate your shoes and accessories.

Eva Pigford 

Marsha Gauntett-Kirby (soon to be celebrity...lol)

These are on my wish list. 


Adam Sleeveless silk jumpsuit

$345.00 by Adam at Net-A-Porter

Bubblegum pink silk sleeveless jumpsuit has draped shawl collar neck. ADAM jumpsuit has two pockets at front, a plunging V-neck and a gathered waistband. 100% silk. Dry clean.


Zimmermann Floral bandeau jumpsuit

$435.00 by Zimmermann at Net-A-Porter


Stella McCartney Halter Charmeuse Jumpsuit

$1,495.00 by Stella McCartney at Bergdorf Goodman





Haute or Not?

Ciara is quickly becoming one of my fav entertainers.  No one can hold a candle to Beyonce in my book, but she comes in a possible second or third.  No doubt she can dance her a** off.  Her look here is simple, yet cute. The sunglasses are HOTTT!  I think I'm feeling the shoes, but not sure??  What do you think?  Would you don these?

Side note:  Her toes look a little too long for these shoes??


I'm already claiming this spring coat as HAUTE!!


I'm going to give this dress a Haute. Not sure about the hair, though.

March 23, 2009

March 2009 - The Video Issue

Good Hair

'Good Hair'... we've all heard the term at one point in our lives.  I've heard this term all my life and even used to use it from time to time.  I, of course was brainwashed by society.  The term was even thrown around in my own home  and used by my parents.  Before I went natural, I used to look at my husband's hair as 'good hair' - he hails from an African-American, Chinese and Dutch background.  He has soft hair, with these beautiful curls and I used to envy his wash and go's...lol.  Then I went natural and looked at my own locs and didn't know what to think.  There were no bouncy curls, no shine,  no baby hairs in sight and there was no such thing as a wash 'n' go for my hair.  But as time went on, I grew to love my kinky hair.  And although my hair is kinky and takes a little more work, I consider it GREAT HAIR!  It reminds me of an African Queen.  The very funny Chris Rock has put together a documentary that adrresses this subject, after one of his daughters came to him crying asking why SHE didn't have good  hair?  I cannot wait to see this documentary and I know it will take time, but I cannot wait for these classifications that are set to divide the African-American community are dissolved.  Check it out... 


Upcoming Event

World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show

Event Name: World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show

Event Date: April 4-5 2009 Event Location: AmericasMart | 240 Peachtree Street N. W.  | Atlanta, GA 1 day general ticket $15.00 1 day professional ticket $25.00 Professional tickets include the exhibit hall and all the free workshops  General ticket includes the exhibit hall and consumer classes Show Description: The original 15th annual World Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Show (WNHHBS) is a two-day natural hair celebration held in a plush 80,000 square foot convention center complete with an entertainment stage, separate classrooms, a hair styling center and a spectacular view of Atlanta.  The event provides the opportunity to attend workshops, develop new skills, experience cutting-edge technologies and network with like-minded individuals. The event showcases natural hair stylist, natural product lines, and holistic health care providers. Natural hair stylist are inspired to exhibit their styles, skills and services. Attendees will have an opportunity to receive complete natural hair services from the industries finest.  The show offers workshops on natural hair, health, marketing and community relationships. Review braiding, barbering and locking competitions. The natural hair show entertainment stage offers drum, dance, spoken word, celebrities and a exotic natural hair fashion show that keeps show participants intrigued! The WNHHBS attracts professionals and consumers from around the globe. T here is something for everyone including activities for children. The WNHHBS offers businesses a unique arena to network with their core consumer audiences. All those who attend will literally experience the Red Carpet Treatment. With your participation this event will be a great success for natural hair lovers everywhere! For show exhibits, sponsorships, competitions, classes or tickets use one of the following contacts:  Contact Name: Bob Johnson email: bob@naturalhair.org www.naturalhairshow.org Office: 770.716.9056  Cell: 678.629.2180


Will Smith on The Laws of Attraction

I just wanted to throw this in there.


Chris Brown and Rhianna

I was not going to address this situation because I get angry every time I think about it.  The thing is I was a really big Chris Brown fan, before all this went down.  No, I do not know the facts of what went down that day, but I do know the facts of what her face looked like after the incident.  Anywho, I will go on no further with my opinion.  I thought this guy had some really interesting things to say.  Let me know what you think.        

Your Make-Up Should Not Move!!

One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing a woman who's dipped from head to toe and her eyeshadow is all over the place..UGH!!  Funny enough I went to MAC and one of the artists had on the prettiest eye color I've ever seen, but it was a hot mess!  There was creasing and bare skin peaking through.  I was cringing as I spoke to her.  Yes, I cringed.  Let me help you.  Here's my video on the  best eyeshadow bases that can help with this beauty issue.  No moving allowed,ladies and gents!



Sugarsweet - MAC's Spring Collection

Y'all know I had to throw my MAC post in this issue.  Like last year, they are killing me with all these collections.  Don't they know a sistah is unemployed?  I will beg, borrow and steal for my MAC fix...well just from my hubby...lol  I am very excited about this collection.  There are some re-premotes, but who cares: IT'S SPRING!!!  Collection in stores NOW!  Visit maccosmetics.com for more information or stop in a store near you.    


Donate and Save - Fashion Finds Hope at Loehmann's

Take 15% off your purchase when you make a $5 donation at the register on March 26th.  The entire $5 of the day's proceeds from participating shoppers, will go directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to funding research to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer. Visit their website at www.ocrf.org.  



Haute or Not?
My Spring  purchase.  Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't be shopping, but I couldn't help myself.  Besides the DH hit me off with a nice sum of cash (ahh dreams do come true).   What else was I supposed to do?  Excuse the ashy feet, but what do you think?   Not sure why this did not rotate? boot-shoe           dsc01502      

January 20, 2009

January 2009

Happy New Year BrownFace Beauties & Beaus!!!!

Are you as excited about this year as I am!!  I am looking forward to Big Tings in 2009.  Please send me any events that you may be hosting or hear about, so they can get posted to the BEE.  Also if you have a specific resource that can maybe benefit another BrownFace, please let me know.  I would like to start a 'REsource' page, which is basically a page of services (make-up, spa treatments, financial consultant, accounting, tutors, job postings, etc.).  This will also come in handy for one of my future endeavors.  More to come...


Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful - Hebrews 10:23 I am always looking for new scriptures to post or read.  If there is anything that I would be please to be bombarded with, this would be it.  Please send them to brownfacellc@gmail.com with 'Scripture' in the subject line.  Thanks.

I am too Proud for Words

I had a front row seat to the Inauguration of President Obama in my living room and I could not stop shouting and smiling thru the whole event.  I'm sure my new neighbors thhought I was off the wall, but who could blame me.  I really never thought I would see this in my lifetime.  But God, as usual, had other plans (smiling).   [Michelle-Obama-Jason-wu.png]

Take a Look Back

Here are a few of BrownFace's highlights from last year.  BrownFace did so many things that I didn't think were possible.  One of them was doing press for a major make-up event: THE MAKE-UP SHOW!!!  I literally died and went to make-up heaven.  Here are some clips from that event, as well as some others.       I got an interview with celebrity make-up artist AJ Crimson!     And I got to interview an up and coming music mogul at the album release party for one of his artists.   Stay tuned....  

Product Spotlight

Oyin's Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner I am a professed make-up and beauty product junkie and I make no apologies for it (smile).  So on one of my product binges, I decided to order a sample packgage from Oyin's Handmade.  Now to be honest, the products didn't really stand out to me with the exception of their Honey Hemp Conditioner.  I first tried the condish as a deep treatment and it was okay  (a little light for my natural tresses), but as I read the description it could also be used as a detangler and leave-in.  WHOA MOMMA!!  I was so ever pleased.  This conditioner allowed me to actually get a comb thru these strands.  S0mething that wasn't feasible in the past (well, not without some breakage) and and it smells divine.   The slip was amazing and the best part about it:  It has completely natural ingredients!!  I cannot live without this product.  Do check iHoney-Hemp Conditionert out at Oyin's Handmade online.  Don't be afraid relaxed beauties, this product can do wonders for you as well.                    

Ask Stacy T.

Dear Stacy:

How do I attempt to get my sex life back on track in the new year - out with the old and in with the new!?

There's a simple answer to this question, however implementing it into your sex life is.... well, it's as hard as you make it.  (Excuse the pun) 

Bringing back Passion and Romance are imperative to getting your "Sex Life Back on Track".  Along with those two things must be adventure, spontaneity, being able to let your inhibitions go and last but not least, communication.  Yes I said communication!  You have to let more than your bodies do the talking, that's why it's OFF track now.  Ask your lover what he/she likes. It doesn't have to be right before you do the act, but you could ask at dinner time, during a commercial break, even watching a porno together!  Talk about favorite positions, what time of day they prefer sex? what time of day they are at their sexual peaks? what turns them on? what fantasy would they like to act out?  Be prepared for unexpected answers and most of all try to keep an open mind.  This is for the both of you to enhance your love-making, so make it happen!  The more you know about your mate's likes and dislikes, the higher the Pleasure-0-Meter raises leaving you guys both wanting more!!!


Part 2 coming next month....


To have your questions answered by Stacy T., please send them to brklynstacy@aol.com or email me at brownfacellc@gmail.com.


Upcoming Events


Visit www.myspace.com/meettheartist for more information




World Natural Hair Health & Beauty Show


The BrownFace Beauty Whore

Are you a fiend for beauty and fashion?  Then check out my blog The BrownFace Beauty Whore.  The blog is primarily for beauty and fashion lovers and random posts.  It will be updated on a more constant basis than The BEE.


BEE Buzz

Jill Scott Confirms She is Pregnant Jill Scott Pregnant Jill Scott confirmed she is pregnant by her fiancee, drummer Lil’ John Roberts. Scott is pregnant with her first child, the R&B singer and actress revealed to reporters at the Television Critics Association conference in Los Angeles on Friday. Scott, 36, is a three-time Grammy Award winner and star of the 2007 Tyler Perry film Why Did I Get Married?   Credit: BlackNews.com
December 17, 2008

December 2008

What's Your Vision?


Keeping The Confidence

So, I am not waiting till next year to start project weight loss.  I'm starting from NOW!!!  I decided to get my act together on December 1st.  No, I am not obese or overweight (because some slow people are always like 'why you losing weight'...shut up!), but I have packed on the pounds over the years.  I also have a condition called PCOS and the slimmer and healthier I am (not anorexic), the better chance I have of menstruating and ovulating more than once every 5 months.  If any of you have decided to lose weight or are in the process of losing weight and becoming healthier, please listen to this young lady.  She lost about 80 pounds and is such a cutie-pa-tutie.  She had me cracking up in this vid.  Stay motivated BrownFaces and kick the haters to the curb....          

Fashionable Weight Loss

Crepe Control Pants  While I'm waiting to fit comfortably into my size 6's, I still want fashionable items to grace my body.  I came across a nifty fashion item brought to you by Shape FX, while reading my monthly subscription to Lucky Mag.  These high-waisted pants have a built-in capri liner.  You can lose a couple of inches by wearing these .   They also come in varying lengths, which is a BIG plus for me.  Check out the Shape FX website for other styles and colors.  They also have some sexy leggings that I'm itching to try.

Ask Stacy

Now introducing our new segment...Ask Stacy! My friends are uber talented and have helped the BEE out from time to time with a few articles.  So upon asking one of my friends to help me with a column I wanted to try, she bravely accepted the challenge to put her skillz to work.  Do you have a question on how to create your own personal style?  Or what turns men on in the bedroom?  What accessories can you pair with sequins? And of course (one of my questions), how do you bring passion and life back into your sex life when you been together for a minute?  Send all your burning questions on sex, life, fashion and love to brownfacellc@gmail.com or you can hit her up at bklynstacy@aol.com and Mrs. T. will be sure to answer.

MAC is Having a SALE??!!

I cannot believe my pretty brown eyes!  MAC is having a sale!  Never in a million years would I have thought to see the day.  They are having a sale on their holiday gift sets.  Run, not walk, to your local MAC store because these will be flying off the shelves like hot cakes.  Purchase at www.maccosmetics.com   

Giving Thanks

I asked some of you BrownFace Beauties to let me know what you are thankful for.  The way things are going now it is so easy to get discouraged.  I'm glad these beauties took the time to see that we are more blessed, than not. Marsha I am thankful for life and for so many other things that I can't begin to name.  This holiday season I am thankful for friends and family who have always been and inspiration to my life regardless of the circumstances because at the end of the day if God take you to it he will take you through it and I know he is preparing me for something bigger and better. Sophia    I am thankful for a lot of things.  I thank God for every moment that he has granted me and for keeping me in my right mind.  I am also thankful for my family without whom I would not have made it through this year - their love and support is what made me hold my head up in those rough times.  Through is all, always remember that "God is Good all the time"! Carol  


      Houston, TX (BlackNews.com) - As organizations and corporations discontinue loan and scholarship programs due to the sluggish economy, college students struggle to pay tuition and remain in school. With their Lift and Climb program, BlackAlumniLoveConnection.com gives a portion of every monthly subscription to fund scholarships for African American college students. BlackAlumniLoveConnection.com plans to distribute $30,000 in scholarships in the next year, with that number growing as their membership grows. Mark Katrowitz, publisher of the financial aid assistance website, www.finaid.org reported as of Spring 2008, that 37 lenders had suspended all or part of their participation in federal loan programs. "In a sense, it's a liquidity crisis," he said. "If lenders can't get funds from investors, they can't make the loans. That's why several of these lenders have left." The suspension of these programs comes at a time when almost 9 million students applied for financial aid in the first half of 2008, nearly 1.3 million more than a year ago according to the U.S. Department of Education. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, at least 43 states will face shortfalls in their budgets for this and/or next year. As states aggressively cut their budgets, public colleges and universities receive less money, which inevitably leads to increases in college tuitionFox News 16 in Little Rock, Arkansas reported that half a dozen states are considering mid-year tuition hikes, this on top of a 6.4% increase applied at the beginning of the school year. With college retention rates disproportionately low for African American students, lack of financing increases the likelihood that many will have to leave college without obtaining a degree. As explained in USA Funds Education Access Report (2004), one of the number one factors affecting these students is strained finances. Recognizing the fact that African American college students as a group are more dependent on student loans and financing than others, BlackAlumniLoveConnection.com aims to support those students who are committed to finishing their degree, but are experiencing some financial difficulties associated with the economy. For more information regarding the Lift and Climb program visit our website BlackAlumniLoveConnection.com or contact Noelle LeVeaux Dugan at 214-616-1784. Taken from BlackNews.com  


Filene's Basement  will be offering major deals on clothing brands such as Theory, DKNY, Steve Madden and French Connection.  They will be located across from Madison Square Garden on 33rd and 7th for the entire holiday season.  Everything is marked down with additional percentages taken off.  Someone shop for me PLEASE...   ACV, also known as Apple Cider Vinegar, has so many healthy and beauty benefits.  Of course we know that ACV can be used to clean and season meat.  I use it to cleanse my scalp and hair (use equal part water and vinegar).  ACV can also be used to help you lose up to 15 pounds per year without changing your diet or exercise routine.  Just add a few teaspoons to an 8oz. glass of water before every meal.  I just found a knew use for ACV which I'm gonna have to try.  It can be used to take musty smells out of those sweaters you just removed from storage.  All you  have to do is add one cup of vinegar to steaming bathtub water, hang your clothes on plastic hangers and put them on your shower rod, then close the door to allow the steam to penetrate.

2008's BrownFace Beauty of the Year Goes to (drumroll please)...


She was killing it this year with her fabulous do that went from short to shorter and more glamorous with every snip and color!  Her style has changed for the better.  Long gone are the days of a her sweet innocent wardrobe and golden locks.  She embraced her inner rocker with the release of her third studio album 'Good Girl, Gone Bad' and has taken some risks that have really worked.  One thing we should learn from this young lady...Don't be afraid to take risks, use colors or make changes.  Let's take a looky shall we, at some of her looks.   RIHANNA, 20  photo | Rihanna If I was ever to relax again...   Rihanna Pretty in HOT pink...  
 The start of it all...
  RIHANNA photo | Rihanna She is killing me in those open-toed leather boots.    
 I absolutely ADORED this dress!
 Didn't love the hair, but the outfit was SICK!
 Hmmm, I feel a new wig purchase in my future.

2008's BrownFace Beauty Product of the Year Goes to ...

Dr. Bronner's Pure Castille Soaps

As many of you know, I have been drastically making the switch over to more natural products (wish I could do this as quickly with the foods I put in my mouth).  I found this product in Whole Foods and have been addicted ever since.  I even have my husband hooked on it.  It is organic and can be used for ANYTHING!!: brushing my teeth, washing my natural hair, cleansing my body, cleaning my new house, washing my clothes, washing my face (I use the unscented one for this).  Talk about a multi-purpose product!! The list goes on and on.  And a little goes a long way.  This product will forever stay in my house and with so many unsafe ingredients in products these day, it's good to have a little piece of mind with a do-it-all product.


November 22, 2008

November 2008

November 22, 2008


Congrats to our new President-Elect, Barack Obama!  I can't put into words how I felt on the night of November 4th, so I won't even try.


So, not having a job is really putting a damper on my shopping! The purpose of my paycheck was to pay rent (now mortgage..yea!) and shop...HELLLLLLO!  Damn that lay-off.  Anywho, one of the many great things about the internet is that you can window shop in the comfort of your own home.  I'm sure my electric bill is going to be crazy with the hours I spend on this thing, screen shopping, youtubing and looking for jobs.  I found a site where you can get the cutest shoes, boots and sandals for up to half off.  Yes, you saw correctly...half off.  I though Zappos was the bomb with their free shipping (both ways), but I think this site tops them.  Look below for some of my finds and to do some shopping of your own.  1659 Chrissy These lovelies are only $47.99 (they were originally $90)    Gem These are fashionable and they look uber comfortable for $99.75 (they were $199)    Noel I'm so still pining for a pair of UGGs.  These are a fraction of the costs and they look very similar for $77 (they were $173)    Paloma These are a pair of Miss Sixty's.  They are $88.55 on the site (originally $174)   There are much better deals than these I've shown you, I just posted a few of my oooooooohhhhhs!  Now the only negative (or positive depending on how you look at it) about the site is that there are so many shoes.  Like thousands in each category, so you're going to have to weed thru.  Hope you have as much fun as I had looking at great steals. Visit 6pm.com to shop. 

If I Mention MAC One More Time...

Actually, this is not really about MAC (smile).  You guys know how I adore them and since I have my Pro Discount, I've really gone over the edge with items almost half off.  One of my favorite products are the MAC wipes.  Ever since I was able to take off super red lipstick without a trace, I've been hooked to these things. But after a few weeks, the wipes tend to dry out? Making it a little harder to use just one. I happened to stumble into Origins the other day (okay, I knowingly walked) and was investigating some new products for purchase when I receive my fat new paycheck, from my new fabulous job (Lord are you listening?).  There were two products that really caught my attention: one of them being Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Eye Makeup Remover Pads with Therapeutic Benefits.  OMG!!!  These pads came in a jar, not like the plastic foil that contain the MAC Wipes, so I think this aids in keeping them really wet.  I had make-up all over my hand and I was able to remove it with a single swipe!  You get 60 pads for $21.  I really need to go back and pick up a supply.  Again, as soon as I receive my fat new paycheck, from my new fabulous job! Shop Origins. Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Eye Makeup Remover Pads with Therapeutic Benefits    

Haute or Not?

Let me know what you think of these Suede Lattice Boots...I'm kind of feeling these from Urban Outfitters.  I think it's the heel height?  
[polldaddy poll=1130931]

Karen's Body Beautiful Re-visited

KBB was one of the very first lines I used when I first went natural.  I read so much about her Hair Milk (which made my t.w.a. very soft and supple) after my chop and the store was located in BK, so of course I ran out to test and buy some products.  It's been two years since I've been natural and haven't used any of her products since 2006 (partly because my husband used up all my stash before he started his locs - he never likes anything till I buy it...whaaa?).  My obsession with Youtube led me back to KBB and while I was in BK a couple of weeks ago, I decided to pick up an old staple and sample her shampoo (my hair is too dry for regular shampoos).  I love going to KBB because the customer service is great.  I ask alot of questions about a lot of things and I love the fact that the staff ddoesn't get annoyed after my first 20 q's...lol.  I went with the intent of purchasing the Hair Milk, but ended up leaving with some hair cream and a few samples.  Here are my thoughts on my longer 4b texture: Hair Milk $16 "You're only a few dabs away from lush, radiant, soft hair.  Karen's Hair Milk moisturizes, detangles, defrizzes and softens your curls.  Excellent for natural hair styles, great for straightened styles before applying heat.  This leave in conditioner is light, non-greasy formula is ok for daily use on dry hair.  Apply a generous amount to hair when damp.  Also use to refresh and moisturize 2-3 times a week." Since my hair has grown out, my hair doesn't like this product as much.  It is very moisturizing when you put it on and it is a very good detangler on wet or dry hair.  After a few minutes though, my hair was back to dry.  I still think it is a great product especially when you are starting out to make your curls pop!! If I still was relaxed, I would be buying this in bulk because it is great to moisturize those ends when you just want to bun it up or lay hair down.   Hair Cream $10 "Enriched with ingredients that stimulate hair growth and strengthen your hair shaft, Karen’s Hair Cream, moisturizes and adds sheen to dull, dry hair.  Excellent for natural, relaxed or pressed hair.  Use twice a week on hair and scalp or more as needed."   I'm surprised I purchased this again, because the first go round, my hair hated it because of the shea butter and oils (shea butter and most oils just sit on my hair, they don't penetrate or moisturize when dry).  BUT!!!!  I found a new use for this product which is why I purchased it.  KBB is an all natural line, so alot of products can be used for different purposes. I didn't have enough to purchase a jar of the regular body butter, but this works GREAT!!!!! My skin loves this stuff and it gives you a nice glow and a little goes a long way.  I will purchase this again, but for my skin.   Luscious Locks Moisturizing Hair Mask $25 "Conditioning doesn't get deeper than this because everything you need for your hair is in this jar.  Detangle, soften, strengthen, grow.  Saturate your strands with this rich blend of herbs like shikakai and rosemary which are known to promote hair growth, arnica and nettle to strengthen your hair follicles and aloe for much needed moisture.  It is called Luscious Locks for a reason.  Usage: Once monthly." Okay I know the price on this may be steep for some of you, but THIS IS THE BEST DARN DEEP CONDITIONER ON EARTH!!!!!!  I had my first jar for over a year and you only need a little.  I just purchased another jar.   Shampoo and Conditioner ($12 and $16) I got some samples of these products because I am on a quest for the perfect shampoo.  Let me tell you, these shampoo worked wonders.  Alot of shampoos claim to be very moisturizing, but this one is true to its word.  Again, I only used a small amount and I only had a sample.  So I will be purchasing once I get back on my feet.  The conditioner had the most amazing 'slip' which to me is hard to find in all natural products, as they don't contain silicones.  Very good for detangling.  These two are a must try.  Please visit KBB online or visit her store if you are in the area.  

BrownFace Celebrity Couple of the Month

50334440_full 50334440_full They live together, they play together, they work together, they rake in the dough together, going on 11 years!!!  What more can you say?  Don't you just love Brown love...  

Photos of the month

YEA! When I saw the photo spread of Janelle Monae in the November issue of Essence, I almost passed out.  I LOVE BEAUTY!!!  You should already know this.  This has got to be one of best beauty spreads I've seen all year.  Did you guys peep the lace lashes in the middle photo...they are a must purchase, but where the heck will I wear them???  I can't wait till my hair gets long enough, so I can re-create this whole look! Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Courtesy of Essence Magazine   NAY! I'm really not sure what to make of this photo.  My style is a little out there sometimes and I'm all for people who are not afraid to be themselves when it comes to fashion, but even for me, this is a BIT much.  The obvious are the jeans, but what is going on with those sleeves.  Is there a denim jacket under the other jacket...huhhhh??  BrownFace loves you Brandy, but please don't do this again.  

BEE Deals and Steals

This only happens once per year nappturals.  If you loe Miss Jessie's products now is the time to stock up with the buy one, get once promotion.  The buttercreme moisturizer is great for twisting and it promotes hair growth due to the peppermint oil.  I'm no longer using certain ingredients on my hair, but if I was my unemployment check would be gone! Shop Miss Jessies   75% OFF! - PreHoliday Sale! Shop Hard Candy.  Hurry, while supplies last.   With the holidays approaching, I would like to know what you are most thankful for?  Please send an email to brownfacellc@gmail.com, so I can post in the upcoming December issue.
October 03, 2008

October 2008

October 27, 2008

Dream Dreamer

So, I'm sitting here at home.  I've actually been siting here since last week.  "Why", you ask?  I was laid off from my job.  Laid off from a job, that I wasn't too happy with.  So why then do I feel angry about it?  Not angry because I don't have that job, but angry because I don't have A job.  A few months ago, I was praising God because my supervisor who worked at the organization for 32 years was laid off.  I thanked him because it could have easily been me.  But here I sit in the same position.  But shouldn't I still be praising God because he has something better in store for me.  Shouldn't I be praising God because he knows what's best?  Today I sat here, watched Joel Osteen and cried trying to figure out my next steps, my goals and my talents.  I tuned into Youtube and found this video that had me more in tears.  I know I have a purpose and have been praying about my purpose for years.  I have so many talents, but a m trying to figure them out and trying to use them to the Glory of God.  I know part of my purpose is to help people is some way.  The mission of BrownFace is to Beautify, Educate and Entertain.  Three of my biggest passions in life.  Maybe me being laid off is his big REVEAL to me.  This video is helping me get thru today and I pray it will help you.  Please keep me in your prayers. Enjoy... October 17, 2008

Master Your 'V'

Make-up is one of my passions and it can be a little tricky when you don't know what you're doing.  I have been trying to master applying eyeshadow to my outer 'V' (corner of the eye) for a minute now.  Hopefully one day I'll get it!!  Here is one of my favorite tutorials on working the eye.  Watch this BrownFace work the eye skillz.   October 15, 2008

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Taken From Sheckys.com

Few individuals have been as personally involved in the fight against breast cancer as Evelyn Lauder. In 1993, after co-creating the iconic pink ribbon as a symbol of the battle for the cure, she founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to fund research and prevention of the disease. Her passion for the fight against breast cancer extends to her yearly Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Collection, and this year's most to-die-for offering is the Evelyn Lauder Lip Color Collection (1) ($22). This convenient lip color set comes in a pink zippered travel case and includes two Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks in Bali Rose and Candy shades, and one Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick in Rich Berry. Estée Lauder will donate $500,000 through sales of the Pink Ribbon Collection to the BCRF. Beauty guru Bobbi Brown is getting in on the act with a fantastic lip duo, the Bobbi Brown Pink Ribbon Collection (2) ($29.50). C.O. Bigelow has partnered with Marisa Acocella Marchetto, the famous illustrator, writer, and breast cancer survivor, to create their special Cancer Vixen line of products. The kit contains Lemon Cream Body Wash and Lemon Body Cream, Mentha Foot Tingling Foot Cream, Dr. Hiosous Quince Hand Lotion, and Mentha Lip Tint in Pink Minte—all Bigelow favorites. Sales from the Cancer Vixen line will go towards a $250,000 donation to the BCRF, so grab these limited-edition products while you still can.(3) ($40). Achieve a perfect pout while helping Bobbi raise $35,000 for the BCRF with this limited-edition set, which includes her Tulle Lip Color and Pink Glitter Lip Gloss and comes in a commemorative pink box. Also helping out with the cause is cosmetics line DuWop, which is supporting the Cosmetic Executive Women Cancer and Careers Foundation with 20 percent of the proceeds from their sale of the DuWop Pink Shimmer Brick (4) ($18), which comes packaged in a commemorative sleeve adorned with the names of women who have struggled with breast cancer.  Another crave-worthy collectible that’s flying off the shelves is the Bigelow Limited Edition Cancer Vixen Kit October 12, 2008

The Game

So since they never 'technically' said that Girlfriends was cancelled (and I'm very much assuming it is), my new brown friendly show is The Game.  The first season was cute, the second season was spicy and this third season is proving to be a very emotional one.  Since I moved to Philly, I've been dvr'ing all my favorite shows.  Tonight, I finally got a chance to view the second episode of the season.  I thought with all the drama going on this season it would prove to be too much, but I am so drawn to all the stories.  First off, I'm surprised that Kelly is sticking to her guns and going thru with the divorce?  Jason was very annoying in the first seasons and I needed her to stand up to him, but I didn't think it would come to this?  I'm actually starting to feel bad for him.  After the first episode aired, weren't we all feeling Mel's pain (trying to save face as a strong and understanding girlfriend), but dying inside.  It was so real.  I'm hoping, praying, that this baby is not his, because as much as I hate to admit it (due to his cheating ways), I love them together.  Okay, I'm sure we've all had grilfriends like Dionne (Mel's enemy turned friend and roommate), but would you have forgiven her so easily? Eventhough you weren't feeling your ex?  I dunno...there were still some boundaries crossed?  What's up with Tasha and Rick Fox's character?  Why haven't we seen him yet?  What's up with Tasha and Malik? Why is he so angry?  Is it because deep down inside he knows momma is right about his mistake of a marriage to Robin Givens' character).  Let me know your thoughts.  Is it too much or too close to home? Check out The Game on it's new day and time.               October 8, 2008

QVC Wants Us to Shop For A Cause

FFANY Shoe of the Day

What better way to enjoy fashion and shopping, than by pairing it with a great cause.  QVC has teamed up with the Fashionable Footwear Charitable Foundation to bring us "FFANY Shoes on Sale".  The event will be televised on October 15 from 7-10pm on QVC (check you local listings).  Shoes and boots will be half off the suggested retail price.  We really need to do all we can to kick this disease to the curb.  In the past month alone, I found out that it has struck the mother's of two of my friends.  All net proceeds of this event will go to breast cancer research.  Let's SHOP for a cure!  Check out QVC for more information.     October 1, 2008 Hello BrownFace Beauties and Beaus!!  I know I have been away for a minute, but God has been blessing me so much in the last month.  My husband and I just purchased our first home and I have had no time to even breathe.  WE've not only purhcased a new home, but it's a new state...PENNSYLVANIA!  Look, who can afford a tiny box in New York these days??  So needless to say, September was a bust for me in regards to all things BrownFace.  Anywho, I'm baaaaack, so let's get down to  business!

MAC CremeSheen, Suite Array and Pearlglide Eyeliners

You gys should have seen this one coming, as much as I love MAC!!  This year they have really been pumping out the collections.  Here is a little info about their latest products:
  "Check-in to the double-delight luxury of our new Eye Shadow Suite. Eight shadow duos in unexpectedly fresh and frivolous colours paired with one of our new Pearlglide Eye Liners will provide you with all the accoutrements of day and night bedroom eyes..."
 " Watch out...This new lip colour speaks softly but says something shocking! Discover the finish that makes Cremesheen such hot gossip. With its smooth, creamy texture and 14 eloquent colours to choose from, the difference will speak for itself."     Okay, so I'm not raving about these new collections.  The lipsticks are not what I expected and the eyeshadows are too glittery for someone 28yrs and above and don't have that much color payoff.  But not to fret!  MAC has been killing it with numerous collections dropping month after month.  This is the first that I've seen so many from them.  There are even more coming in the next couple of months in 2008.  If you still want to check out, please be my guest and let me know what you think about it.  Visit www.maccosmetics.com for more info.

The Artist Summit

Sponsored by The Powder Group The Artist Summit is two day artist program for the professional makeup artist and those who share their passion for the art of makeup.  The program consists of two days of artist events including seminars, hands-on workshops, panel forums and The Summit Shop - a retail environment at the event. An opening event on the evening of the first day of the Summit will also be a part of the program. Over the two days of the event attendees will have access to over 70 seminars and forums and 16 hands-on workshops.


The Summit Shop is a retail environment that will be located within the space of The Artist Summit. The shop is not a “trade show floor”. The environment will be set up with a consistent tabling and draping for all sponsors who are a part of the environment. The space will not be designed to allow for full booth installations, however custom tabletop signage and floor signage is encouraged. Demonstrations may happen behind counter space or one demo per every 12 feet of counter space on the outside of the counter area. The Summit Shop will open 30 minutes prior to the first event each day and closing 30 minutes after the last event of each day ends.  The general pro-public will be invited to come and experience The Summit Shop without a requirement to participate in the Summit. *There will be no charge to enter The Summit Shop for attendees or non-attendees of The Summit.


Program to launch October 12 and 13, 2008 in New York City at Metropolitan Pavilion on the Gallery (4th) and Level (5th) floors. Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto and Atlanta are being considered as additional event sites for 2009. International sessions are being considered for Sydney, Berlin and London. Visit The Powder Group for more info
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